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The defrosting tunnel (defroster) is intended for fish defrosting, supplied in the raw form in the blocks. Defrosting is carried out continuously and takes place by spraying warm water at a temperature of 21 to 23°C. The devices included in the defroster are fully adapted to work in fish processing lines.

The process of the raw materials defrosting is controlled from the control panel. It provides full control over the process in volume of temperature and block throughput speed. It allows to change the operating parameters depending on the type of fish by selecting previously set recipes or selecting new parameters during operation.

Water is heated in heaters using saturated steam. It circulates in a closed circle through mesh filters and STRA filters.

Technical data:

Productivity [kg/h]: 500–1000

Power supply: 3x400 V/50 Hz

Length [mm]: 7671

Width [mm]: 1841

Height [mm]: 2080

Weight [kg]: 3000