Fish washer with „Z” type conveyor

Category: Land

The washing machine is used in technological lines for the fish processing. The device consists of a tank and a "Z" type conveyor with a modular tape and holders. The tank has a valve for water inlet and cleaning. Washer ensures the transfer of clean carcasses to the further processing stages. Devices are manufactured in various sizes depending on the requirements of the Customer.

Technical data (sample):

Productivity: till 100 kg/min

Tank capacity: 1.5 m3

Tank dimensions LxBxH [mm]: 2500x1600x1200

Conveyor’s length [mm]: 4900

Conveyor’s width [mm]: 595

Conveyor tape’s width [mm]: 500

Weight of the entire device [kg]: 520

Power supply: 3x400 V/60 Hz