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Machines and devices

We are a manufacturer of machinery and equipment used in fish, fruit, vegetable and food processing.

We specialize in the construction of processing lines for processing plants on the sea vessels and on the land.

We have qualified staff of the design and production department.

We make machines and devices with standard dimensions, as well as adapting to individual wishes and requirements of the Customer.

Processing plant equipment

We provide comprehensive solutions for equipping fish, fruit and vegetable processing plants on the land and on the deep-sea vessels.

We have our own design and production department.

Our quality is guaranteed by long-term relationships with internationally known specialist Brands.

We carry out atypical, individual orders, according to our own or entrusted projects.

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Eco-constructions SP. Z O.O.

We are professionals, who have been on the market for over 20 years. We specialize in the fish processing, as well as the production and installation of technological lines and equipment for the processing of fish, vegetables and fruits. We use the highest quality materials, including those that may come into contact with food. We also use stainless and acid resistant steel. We have more than 50 completed projects on our account, with which our Customers were very satisfied. Our biggest achievement is the construction of a fish processing plant with a capacity of over 300 tons of fish per day.